Rehabilitative Exercise Therapy

Stretch­ing — If you have dif­fi­culty mov­ing a joint in the nor­mal range of motion a spe­cific stretch­ing pro­gram will aid in your recovery.
Lum­bar Sta­bi­liza­tion — A pro­gres­sion of exer­cises used to reed­u­cate and strengthen your mus­cles to enhance the Chi­ro­prac­tic adjust­ment and bet­ter sta­bi­lize your lum­bar spine.
Resis­tive Exer­cises — The use of increas­ing resis­tance (weights) to strengthen, re-pattern, and con­di­tion the mus­cles and con­nec­tive tis­sue of your body.  This restores bet­ter tone, sta­bi­lizes your spine and joints, and helps to pre­vent a relapse.
Home Cer­vi­cal Trac­tion — If used daily for a min­i­mum of 3 months this type of ther­apy, along with Chi­ro­prac­tic adjust­ing, has been shown to aid in restor­ing the cer­vi­cal curvature.

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