Cold Laser Chiropractic Therapy

Low level laser ther­apy is the appli­ca­tion of  light over injuries or wounds to improve soft tis­sue heal­ing and relieve both acute and chronic pain. Low level ther­apy uses cold laser light to … [Read more...]

Electric Muscle Stimulation

Small amounts of elec­tri­cal cur­rent admin­is­tered at the site of soft tis­sue injury, espe­cially mus­cles, relieves pain, reduces swelling, breaks scar tis­sue in mus­cles or joints, and … [Read more...]


Heat is used to increase the blood flow which increases metab­o­lism, improves removal of  toxic wastes and relaxes mus­cles. Min­i­mal pain con­trol is pro­vided through enkephalin production. … [Read more...]


Cryother­apy is the appli­ca­tion of ice, cold tow­els, or a cold gel pack, used to reduce the tem­per­a­ture of tis­sues directly below the sur­face of the skin. The cool­ing con­stricts blood … [Read more...]

Trigger Point Therapy

Also called Myofas­cial Ther­apy.  Used in an area of uncon­trolled mus­cle tight­ness caus­ing ten­der­ness which inter­feres with nor­mal mus­cle func­tion.  Some patients expe­ri­ence tem­po­rary … [Read more...]

Rehabilitative Exercise Therapy

Stretch­ing — If you have dif­fi­culty mov­ing a joint in the nor­mal range of motion a spe­cific stretch­ing pro­gram will aid in your recovery. Lum­bar Sta­bi­liza­tion — A pro­gres­sion of … [Read more...]


High-frequency sound waves, vibrat­ing up to a mil­lion times per sec­ond, are admin­is­tered in the region of a soft tis­sue injury, pen­e­trate deep to warm the body tis­sues. The rise in … [Read more...]