Activator Treatments

Acti­va­tor Technique

The chiropractors at Gaulin Chiropractic provide low-force activator treatments for patients in Palm Desert and the surrounding communities.


Low-Force Adjust­ments

Using an Acti­va­tor Instru­ment the doctors can deliver con­sis­tent, low-force pain­less adjust­ments.  Acti­va­tor Meth­ods is an effec­tive ther­apy not only for back pain, but also for knee, shoul­der, and wrist pain.


Acti­va­tor Treatments

Besides back or neck pain, some of the other con­di­tions suc­cess­fully treated using Acti­va­tor Meth­ods include disc bulges, sci­at­ica, carpal tun­nel syn­drome, headaches, rota­tor cuff strain, frozen shoul­der (adhe­sive cap­suli­tis) and TMJ dysfunction.


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